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These drop-in sessions are hosted on Zoom. Our focus is on healing trauma and cultivating peace and reconciliation. People of all faiths and no faith are most welcome to join us. 

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The World Community for Christian Meditation

 The World Community for Christian Meditation is a global contemplative family in the Christian tradition committed to serving the unity of all. The community was founded in 1991 to foster the teachings of Father John Main. They address our relationship with nature and the physical environment through resources available here:

The Canadian Christian Meditation Community

Interviews with Martin

BeCompassionateNL is dedicated to achieving true Peace and Justice through profound efforts at  Truth and Reconciliation.

I love living in a multicultural society. I support an inclusive, secular approach to living. As a Christian and a Roman Catholic, I acknowledge and personally apologize for the many horrific acts of abuse, cruelty, and violence carried out by some of my co-religionists. I have cried reading eyewitness reports of the brutality and inhumanity of “Christian” colonizers, dominators, slave traders, and war-mongers. Specifically, I recently learned about the Doctrine of Discovery. Learning about the cataclysmic destruction of entire worlds this unleashed I found to be profoundly troubling. 

My current understanding of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition is that God is Mercy and Love Incarnate. Learning of the many heinous, abusive, cruel, and violent acts my co-religionists have carried out is a heavy load to bear. This has often led me and many others to experience great anguish, despair, and desolation.

I believe we are called by compassion to examine our consciences and work as best we can to expose and oppose any and all justification of abuse, cruelty, elitism, exclusion, gender bias, harsh judgment, misogyny, racism, and violence within our communities and towards all conscious life forms and our living planet.

As a Catholic and a Christian, I am called to work to prevent the destruction of the natural world and to refrain from abuse and cruelty to animals, birds, fish, and trees. I believe Christians are called by the Universal Christ to practice inclusion and restraint and to cultivate compassion and kindness for ourselves, our neighbors, and all of Creation. I am inspired by all the many spiritual leaders whose answer to unwise human attitudes, behaviors, and metaphors is to encourage change, to be better, and to do better.

As an imperfect human, I seek to avoid judging others while protecting my warm heart and doing all I can to recognize and protect all vulnerable people. I especially wish to be a solid ally for Indigenous and Métis people,  vulnerable minorities, and all the conscious beings who depend on us as human beings for care and nurture.

I find inspiration studying these leaders as well as all who teach about compassion and kindness:


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