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I acknowledge that I, along with all in my circle, community, and our vast extended human family, face unprecedented levels of chemical and plastic pollution, chaos, climate emergencies, famine, inequality, injustice, instability, uncertainty, and war. The good news is that although our global human problems are real,  solutions exist, and there are many reasons for hope. The good news is that we are learning to integrate healing and regenerative ways of living cultivated by our ancestors.

We are learning to return to building connection, community, and governance locally and to think of the Seven Generations to come, not only to provide optimal value to shareholders quarterly and annually. Understanding more of how our human mirror cells work and just how influential the culture we create is, is very needed. From moment to moment, we can choose how we show up and how best to cultivate a culture focused on compassion and kindness.

At times,  we may become distracted by our current toxic culture, which allows wanton abuse and cruelty to be viewed as normal and natural. We know that culture can be transformed as we work together for the Common Good and future generations. I acknowledge that many people strive to provide unbiased reports through credible organizations, including  Amnesty International, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, the International Panel on Climate Change ( the IPCC), and The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Transparency International.

In response to these reports, I choose to cultivate the healing powers of my natural and normal human compassion and kindness. I acknowledge that massive cultural transformation is needed; such an enormous task is impossible to face as an individual. I choose to start by treating myself with compassion and kindness. Next, I choose to learn how to treat others, including those who are potentially dangerous and predatory, by cultivating fierce compassion and kindness.

I choose to be inspired by the graciousness of  First Nation peoples in whose territories we live. I choose to learn all I can from our precious Indigenous Elders, our Great Human Wisdom Teachers, and Traditions and from innovative business and community leaders, creatives, and scientists. 

I choose to hope, as we learn, that deep healing, reconciliation, regeneration, and resilience are threaded into all our human DNA. Many of our human ancestors have chosen to nurture each other and live in harmony with each other and nature; we can also choose to weave these human qualities back into the fabric of a new ecologically and technologically advanced civilization.

To stay safe and protect me and others from harm, I cultivate self-compassion and self-kindness. While staying within the bounds of my energy, knowledge, and skill, I choose to be an ally to all who experience discrimination, fear, and rejection based on ability, age, appearance, culture, education, ethnicity, gender, financial challenges, homelessness, language diversity, natural disaster, race, religion, politics, or poverty.

Animal husbandry, fishing, forest guardianship, and hunting have all played a part in ethical ways of living for millennia. People who engage in these age-old activities are welcome to join our community. I pledge to avoid needlessly and wantonly causing hurt or harm to animals, birds, fish, plants, trees, and any of our ecosystems.

I choose hope as one of my most precious human rights. I love living in a multicultural society. I do not wish to live in a culture of multiple solitudes. Instead, I choose to reach out to grow a friendly and supportive community and to welcome all who self-identify as  First Nations, Indigenous and Métis, Newfoundlanders, and Labradorians, by birth and by choice and with all who cherish the Common Good. During these stormy times, I walk with my neighbors through the doorway of Truth and Reconciliation to heal people and our planet, find quiet coves and co-create safe-havens.

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