The Peace and Joy Rebellion

June 2022    

At we love life and living. We love to have fun, laugh, and play. We love beauty, sunrises and sunsets, birds, bees, plants, and trees. We try to love kale but some of us prefer milk chocolate …. We love animals, art, books, comedy, crafts, creativity, dance, music, philosophy, science, sports, and theology.  We love family, friends, and community. diversity and inclusion. We love nature and are heartbroken to learn that our activities as humans are now responsible for the destruction of 90% of nature. is not a faith-based organization. We are a secular organization. We welcome people of goodwill, who choose to work for the common good. We invite people of every faith and no faith. We support open participatory democracy, decency, relative equality, fairness, and the flourishing of human and non-human life. We view the live arts and reflective practices, with all the arts, crafts, being in nature, journaling, and meditation as vital to cultivating and especially during times of chaos and turmoil. We are committed to a safe and just transition. At some time in our lives, we have all experienced some form of emotional, financial, physical, sexual, or spiritual harm. We have all been hurt and harmed either as individuals, family members, friends, partners, and/or as members of vulnerable communities and minorities. We are not perfect people and we do not know any perfect people. We do not expect perfection. We encourage the study of circular economics, restorative justice, and regenerative ways of living.

Some of us have backgrounds in education and healthcare. All of us care and believe in the power of cultivating compassion and kindness .We also  encourage engagement in community and politics, at the grassroots level. All of us peacefully oppose ableism, abuse, ageism, authoritarianism, colourism, criminality, cruelty, deception, domination, extremism, exclusion, fanaticism, lack of accountability, punitive justice, scapegoating, violence, and warmongering.  Until very recently we were all fossil fuel fools.  Now we are increasingly aware of the very ugly links between pipelines, fossil fuel extraction, and systematic attacks on participatory democracy. We have all supported the United Nations Charter for Human Rights for many years. We have only recently begun to learn of the clandestine and highly destructive influence of the Mont Pellerin Society.

Until recently we had never heard of the terms, classic liberalism, neoliberalism, and libertarianism. We will in these posts share what we are learning about these harmful and destructive viewpoints. Forearmed is forewarned as we work together to mitigate and reverse the incredible hurt and harm these extremely destructive and unhealthy views cause. We are unwilling to stand idly by and allow psychopaths to try to trigger civil war on Turtle Island and beyond.  We are not willing to sacrifice our family members, friends, and neighbours to hurt and harm at the hands of alt right white supremacists who have infiltrated Evangelical Christianity. We can see how incredibly difficult it is to remove psychopathic criminals like Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin once they gain power. We wish to prevent their cronies on the alt right from destroying the peace on Turtle Island. We have heard absolutely enough from alt-right extremists who claim to speak for Christians.  We wish to do everything possible to prevent boorish psychopaths from regaining power.

Hence, we call on everyone to become informed and to speak up in our families, with our friends, in our churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples, and to engage at the level of municipal, provincial, and federal government in Canada and equivalent levels in other countries. We are apolitical and non-partisan. We encourage active learning all we possibly can about the best ways to counteract the rising chorus of anti-democratic voices, the alt-right, criminals, extremists, gunslingers, militants, vigilantes, tyrants, and warmongers.

It happens that many of us are Christian. We are furious, when   blood-sucking criminals like President Vladimir Putin, claim to be “Christian.”  As our young Nigerian friend Kenneth so succinctly says. This is “Not good.” In response to the upsurge in brutal violence, we are bound and determined to cultivate peace and joy and counteract the harm caused by the rise of the alt-right and their deep, deep ties to pipelines and oil.

We are not for a millisecond suggesting that peaceful transformation is an easy task. We are not deluded into thinking that working for peace and joy and against war and suffering is a quick and painless task. One of us has been engaged in peace-building and peace-making for over fifty years……… We simply say that life is very much worth fighting for and we very much defend the rights of animals, birds, fish, babies, children, women, and minorities with all who are discounted and voiceless. Please consider joining us in spirit or on Zoom. Please consider devoting 30 Minutes out of your morning to cultivating Peace and Joy.  For this time, please choose any activity that brings you Peace and Joy.

 The Be Compassionate NL Zoom will open from 07.00- 07.30 AM NLT daily for 30 Minutes to Peace, for all, who join us to set our intention on peace. We welcome people to bake, chant, cook, create art or craft, dance, enjoy nature, garden, and journal. Listen to and play music, meditate, read, or write literature, scripture, or poetry, and, or pray. All are welcome, Lets set our intention to sow seeds of peace and joy.  Peace be with everyone. If anyone wishes to help by hosting the Zoom sessions when I am unavailable this will be wonderful. 


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